Zohreh is New York’s elite based Custom Bespoke Clothier. With a 30 year history in the Bespoke Clothing industry, Zohreh provides you a PROVEN, TESTED and TRUSTED resource built on the needs of today’s professional. Our organization is built on value, quality, convenience and service. Our leading Italian & English fabrics offer you the opportunity and access to the latest professional clothing trends, custom Bespoke tailoring and personalized design services. We provide you the opportunity to sculpture your wardrobe around your body, style, business culture and comfort.

With everything from Custom tailored suits, shirts & casual wear, Zohreh offers an array of coordinating ready to wear garments, shoes and accessories. Our personalized expertise offers you consultation and insight to the art of looking your very best. An opportunity to meet one of our design specialists is available at your home, office , or our Storefront location.

about us


Arriving in NYC in 1969 with the admiration of men’s clothing and inspired by his father’s attention to detailing of his military uniform, little did Sean Vokhshoor know that it would lay the pavement to becoming one of the leading men’s Couture custom shops in New York City.

Sean’s first store, Zohreh Couture, opened 1978 on east 58th St. in NYC and set the wave for his high fashion career. Evolving to Zohreh Uomo has become the most sought out men’s clothing store for the past 30 years.

Zohreh specializes in multi cultural custom design with heavy accent on Italian Fashion Haute Couture. Every piece is an art form that is sculpted to the body and fitted for a perfect balance for each individual. At every fitting session, the client gives inspiration that is creatively interpreted into a timeless piece of classic clothing.

Dressing high end corporate America, Sports celebrities, to accenting personal milestones in life's celebrations, Sean Vokhshoor always has a down to earth personal connection with his clientele.

Never forgetting to give back to the community, Zohreh has always been active with the American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Society and local educational programs, just to name a few.

When experiencing the concept of Zohreh, a life long bond is created. From head to toe the attention to details help produce the most elegantly dressed men in America.

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